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Archives / 2021
  • Artists and Insurance

    If, like me, you are entering into the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail this September you might be wondering about the quagmire of legalities around insurance in connection with your art. … more

  • Ron Nysztor and the Minnawarra Art Awards

    Curated by Ron Nyisztor the Minnawarra Art Awards offer a sense of prestige to the local art community.  It is good to see that so many local artists applied to enter the Awards this year! Ron … more

  • Trudi Pollard

    Trudi Pollard is an amazing textile artist and teacher who lives right here in the hills of Bedfordale. Her passion is for fibre arts, ceramics, and the natural dyes from the beautiful bushland … more

  • Youthful Perspective

    For my painting “Perspective”, now on display in the ASA Pop Up Shop in Armadale Shopping City, I wanted to capture the essence of the child’s imagination and youthful perception of the world- in a … more

  • What’s On My Easel

    I started painting 15 years ago as a hobby after I retired.  I love the challenge of painting and am continuously learning.  I’m pretty much self-taught but when I started out I got a great deal of … more

  • In the style of...

    Andrea Gadd's painting in the style of Carla Bosch

    Though the Master Painters of history were amazing and are valuable to study, modern painters can hold as much value in teaching you style and … more

  • Studying the Masters

    Many painters throughout history studied other painters’ works. Through copying and studying techniques of other artists, painters learned their craft. Van Gogh himself did some studies copying the … more

  • Being Creative

    Sometimes we get stuck and don’t feel like doing any art but we want to be creative and do something. It may help to branch out, try something different to loosen up your ideas, and push new concepts … more

  • Putting on a Solo Exhibition

    Sandie Schroder gave an excellent talk about holding your own exhibition and what is involved and what to expect last November. This is a summary of the points she discussed, well worth a read if … more

  • The Poitou Donkey

    Meet the French Poitou Donkey or as I like to call him ‘Pierre’.  A lady came into the Pop-up Shop with a resin model of a donkey, hoping somebody from ASA could paint it for her.  I was asked and … more

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