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Youthful Perspective

For my painting “Perspective”, now on display in the ASA Pop Up Shop in Armadale Shopping City, I wanted to capture the essence of the child’s imagination and youthful perception of the world- in a way express how I felt and saw the world as a child.

I needed a child to be my reference photograph and knew Alex would be perfect. At the time she was my neighbour and embodies wholeheartedly the passion, wonder and enthusiasm for life that children are typically born with. She has a keen eye for nature, is extremely observant, with an incredibly developed imagination and creative mind. 

For the photo I asked her to pretend as though she’d just seen the coolest bug in the world and she surpassed my expectations. 

I believe the painting really makes people reflect on their own perceptions and youthful experiences. 

We are grateful to our generous sponsors