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Perth Metropolitan lockdown ceased on Friday 5 February, and ASA Pop-Up-Shop reopened normal trading hours, (in accordance with the WA Health Guidelines.) ASA Classes and Informal Groups sessions at Greendale Centre commence from Monday 15 February, (in accordance with the WA Health Guidelines)

The Society Blog

  • Being Creative

    Sometimes we get stuck and don’t feel like doing any art but we want to be creative and do something. It may help to branch out, try something different to loosen up your ideas, and push new concepts … more

  • Putting on a Solo Exhibition

    Sandie Schroder gave an excellent talk about holding your own exhibition and what is involved and what to expect last November. This is a summary of the points she discussed, well worth a read if … more

  • The Poitou Donkey

    Meet the French Poitou Donkey or as I like to call him ‘Pierre’.  A lady came into the Pop-up Shop with a resin model of a donkey, hoping somebody from ASA could paint it for her.  I was asked and … more

  • Copyright Explained

    What are the laws that affect us as Artists?

    Copyright protects the artist’s right to reproduce the work (photocopying, copying by hand, filming, recording and scanning), to make the work public for … more

  • Should you be Merchandising Your Art?

    Yes. It is sometimes helpful to have different price options for your art, for those people who love your work but can’t afford it or for those people like myself who have no more wall space. Prints, … more

  • Should artists follow trends

    Should Artists Follow Trends?

    By  Chantalle Grummet, 19 October 202

    Artwork titled "Fishy" by Jenny Herbert click on this link to take you to her gallery.

    No definitely not but on the other hand … more

  • Pop up Shop

    Pop up Shop is now open. 

    LOCATION: Armadale Shopping City Shop 21A, 206 Jull Street, near the food hall.

    from 5 October, 2020

    OPENING HOURS: Trading Hours Monday—Saturday 9am to 5pm, … more

  • Annual exhibition 2020

    Put this in your diary, its a must to see.

    Incredible artworks by members of the society


  • Whirlwind in the ASA

    Whirlwind in the ASA

     By Chantalle Grummet

    It has been a whirlwind of activity during September and October for the ASA.

    In September we had the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail, which … more

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