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Trudi Pollard

Trudi Pollard is an amazing textile artist and teacher who lives right here in the hills of Bedfordale. Her passion is for fibre arts, ceramics, and the natural dyes from the beautiful bushland setting she lives in. In 1986 she graduated from Curtin University with a Visual Arts Degree and has been lecturing and teaching in the areas of fibre arts and ceramics for 40 years.

Trudi has made a life out of her passions and you can share in it via her classes, workshops and YouTube sessions. is where you can look at her free Natural Dye Workshops and find out about her life in the Captured by Colour Introduction session.

Making and creating has always been part of her life. Always interested in nature Trudi admires and cares for the world she lives in. She talks about how she listens to the story of people living on land where she collects the natural products and how that creates new opportunities to share, new ideas and new knowledge about the environment. In fact she also listens to the land and plants as well as the recycled products she re purposes. They tell stories of the land too, the seasons and the life they have had which inspires the works she makes.

Trudi is very passionate about works being handmade, dyed using natural dyes, repurposing, as well as recycling materials and this give her work a powerful feeling of quiet  joy in being part of the world. Through sharing her knowledge and her passion Trudi inspires those around her to care for their environment, to appreciate and value everything around them as well as how everything is connected by location, season and the joy of creating.

Trudi Pollard will be our next ASA Monthly Meeting demonstrator and I look forward to what she will inspire us with!

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