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Junior Membership and the Youth Art Club

Armadale Society of Artists:  Junior Membership and the Youth Art Club

Chantalle Grummet February 2023

Creating a junior membership for the ASA connects us to our future as an art society, allows us to grow in number as well as facilities and expand our experience in the community and the arts. The Armadale Society of Artists has been going since 1987, and was started by a few artists who wanted to build a community of artists in Armadale. They created the Society to support each other, create together and grow an arty community open to anyone who wanted to explore their creative side. In these turbulent and changing times we have managed to stay active, grow membership and evolve into a vibrant creative local community. Junior membership lets our community of artists grow and be more inclusive.


The Youth Art Club aims to create an environment of mentorship between junior members and regular ASA members. It starts this Friday, 17th February, and every school term Friday afternoon from then on, from 4pm till 5:30pm. The Youth Art Club will host workshops, tutorials and demonstrations as well as provide mentorship to aspiring young artists. Volunteer demonstrations by members of the ASA in all kinds of mediums and techniques gives the Youth Art Club members access to skills and processes that they may not have been aware of. Volunteering members of the ASA will also be able to get a working with children check card (funded by the ASA, limited numbers apply) if they are interested in demonstrating and mentoring. Opportunities to exhibit and enter art competitions are part of the club too. This will give the young artists a direction and a goal to work towards.

The City of Armadale council has shown support for a junior membership, through an offer of sponsorship in our annual exhibition, as well as extend membership as prizes for youth art community events and has suggested an increased connectivity through the Armadale Youth Council. Junior membership can also help attract new members, both young adults and older adults (parents), through participating in and hosting youth art events. Youth programs and events could give the ASA more opportunities for grants or sponsorship to improve and extend our ability to foster our creative community.

Junior membership is a huge positive step for the Armadale Society of Artists, connecting us to our local community and our future.


We are grateful to our generous sponsors