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In the style of...

Andrea Gadd's painting in the style of Carla Bosch

Though the Master Painters of history were amazing and are valuable to study, modern painters can hold as much value in teaching you style and technique. Andrea Gadd, an ASA artist on our website, had a go in the style of Carla Bosch, who is a fabulous British contemporary painter who uses bold patches of colour applied with a pallet knife to create vibrant landscapes. The results look great and make me want to go paint with a palette knife, thanks Andrea!

Art is not always about achieving a technical skill level in reproducing a scene, portrait or reference material, it is often about creating a style that expresses what you want to say or explore. When researching this theme of contemporary artists I came across bluethumb Australia’s largest online art gallery. It features only contemporary Australian artists from all states. Well worth a look! Developing your own style comes from trying out different techniques and finding out what you love doing.

Getting inspired by other people’s styles of working is not the same as copying; Andrea’s work, for example, tackled a subject based on Andrea’s personal choices and references. There are many painters and crafters offering workshops all over Perth. Although usually targeted at entertainment seeking customers they could also offer you a different way of working. The Urban List, ClassBento, and weteachme are great websites to see what is going around the rest of Perth for art classes.  You can also check out the local Bedfordale Waterwheel Gallery, with artists working in the gallery space so you can see how they do their fabulous art. Open on the 13th of March and the 17th of April 11am till 4pm. Waterwheel Gallery

However you don’t have to leave Armadale as the ASA offers quite a few different options in art classes.  Check out the classes offered  through the ASA classes and groups page by inspirational artists Linda Glover,  Geraldine Gustavino  and  Valerie Mezger  who all teach great painting classes at the Greendale Centre. Or why not join a casual group to see how others work on their stuff? The thing that I value most about being involved with the ASA is the opportunity to mingle with so many different artists working in so very many different ways.   I hope you are inspired to go off and explore styles and techniques, I know I am. Have fun!

The Sound of Waves by Val Mezger

All you need are shoes. by Geraldine Gustavino

Lazy Days by Linda Glover

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