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Geraldine Gustavino


Telephone: 0437788630


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For payment  options and freight if required please contact me direct on the above email or phone number

I can also be contacted on my Facebook page

Alternatively you may visit my studio in Huntingdale for pick up.

Artist bio

My name is Geraldine Gustavino and I was born in Gibraltar, The Rock of Gibraltar is located on the southern tip of Spain and is a small British colony. 

Art has always been a part of who I am.  I am very fortunate to have been able to get involved with painting and drawing at a very early age. Throughout my school years I was always in one way or another involved with art, and entered local art competitions, which I was quite successful in.   When I completed high school, I went on to study at Canterbury Art School in England, where I did my foundation course in art and design.  Shortly after I met my husband and in 1994 we immigrated to Australia.  By then we had a young child and soon after a second, so art was unfortunately put on the back burner whilst I concentrated on being a mum and working full time.  But art was always at the back of my mind and after what seemed like an eternity I was very fortunate to meet a great group of likeminded ladies.  I attended painting classes with them and soon we all formed a close friendship.  In November 2015, I exhibited at my first exhibition in Australia with two other very talented artists.  Our Picturesque exhibition held at Moving Art Studio in Fremantle was very successful.  I have also exhibited at the Amherst Library in Sept 2016 as a solo artist and with the Painters Circle in Nov 2016. In Jan 2017, I had my second solo exhibition, Colour Medley at The Agonis in Gosnells.   Art gets me excited and when I paint it is just me, the canvas, and feelings each stroke of colour makes me experience.  To everyone who says,  I can’t paint, I would like to encourage you to  just take a canvas,  colour and let yourself be lost in the magic you feel when you let yourself go.  Enjoy the journey.  

I do alternative Sat classes at the Arthouse and work on commissions.     

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