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Being Creative

Sometimes we get stuck and don’t feel like doing any art but we want to be creative and do something. It may help to branch out, try something different to loosen up your ideas, and push new concepts around. In this age of stay home and amuse yourself it is the perfect time to try new things. Quite a few members are trying different things. Why not have a go and post it on our ASA and Friends page to inspire others?

ASA member Toni Fanali has branched out from her wonderful Procreate drawings to turn her hand to crochet. I think it is an adorable mermaid. Toni talks about it in her Dream Creative Challenge Group, a Facebook page which offers a space for growth and personal challenge supported by likeminded individuals. 

I am still stuck on Portraits (and bears) but I have incorporated my childhood obsession for fairytales and turn each person I draw into part of a fairy tale. Going over old paintings with Posca pens and acrylics to draw the portraits and incorporate the background is a fun challenge.

Phoebe Booth created an art work puzzle and has started a new page on Facebook called Puggle Puzzle, definitely amazing and a new direction for creativity. She creates the designs herself and each piece is unique, both in pieces and as final image.  Check out the lovely puzzles here on their website .

Geraldine Gustavino is trying some abstract painting to get back into the mood. They are awesome Geraldine! Abstract painting is a huge dimension of art to explore. The emphasis becomes colour, brushstroke, shape and layering and is a lot of fun.

I found some sites on the internet that may help inspire you in new directions in your creative pursuits: - a creative studio and blog based in Vancouver, BC Founders, Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson combine their skills to design product, DIY projects and recipe creations from video hacks to well-edited finds. - an online resource of design inspiration by designers for designers. It looks at some different branches of art and art works in the design field. - an amazing blog full of tutorials to help you explore art journaling and mixed media techniques. - a very useful tutorial on transferring an image to paper or wood. Could be a fun way to use bits of an old watercolour or drawing onto a new one, I have also used this technique to transfer my drawings onto a wood panel. - an interesting collection of art using alternative materials. I plan on doing a coffee one myself. It has a bunch of interesting art links like ’20 Most Cool and Unusual Portraits’ attached.

Follow the links to your own journey of discovery into something new to try. These are just the tip of the iceberg in the search engine of your choice or search in Pinterest, my favourite inspiration place if you have a couple of hours spare. 

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