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What’s On My Easel

I started painting 15 years ago as a hobby after I retired.  I love the challenge of painting and am continuously learning.  I’m pretty much self-taught but when I started out I got a great deal of help from one of my life-long friends and a professional artist Bill Cranny.  Bill gave me a lot of encouragement and guidance in my first few years of painting.  I’ve also received great support from Val Mezger, Sandy Robertson and members of Val’s painting class from the Armadale Arts Society.

I started plein air painting about 18 months ago and have attended several workshops with Leon Holmes.  I enjoy the flexibility of plein air painting, being able to paint anywhere, anytime.  My wife and I travel around Australia a lot and I really enjoy painting the places and landscapes we visit.  More recently my grandchildren have asked me to paint for them  which has seen me painting a wide variety of subjects including sinking of the Titanic, storm clouds from a holiday, dogs and butterflies.

I have painted with water colour pencils, water colour paints, oils and water based oils.


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