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Should artists follow trends

Should Artists Follow Trends?

By  Chantalle Grummet, 19 October 202

Artwork titled "Fishy" by Jenny Herbert click on this link to take you to her gallery.

No definitely not but on the other hand be aware of trends.’ That is the message you will get on following current fashion and art trends when I googled it.

As one article explains “Don’t try and make work that you think you “should” be making—focus on making work that you care about.” Artworkarchive Create meaningful art and others will care about it, but only if it authentically means things to you. Being aware of trends and being inspired by them is great but don’t follow along thinking this is what people want. Because those wants will change.

 Another helpful artist blog is Voxgroovy who had an article or forum question on this topic. Artists are influenced by other artists, art, media and products around them regardless of what opinions of trends are. If you follow a trend consciously you may get boxed in by that trend and when it passes so will your followers. The challenge is staying with the times while still doing your own thing.  You can nod to a trend and find your own aesthetic in it. Maybe you will start a trend.

Artwork title Waiting by Al Gee,  Artwork titled Evening Glow by Alexander Robertson 

It is passion for the subject and love of creating that keeps you creating. In the ASA trends occur in a gentle fashion as one way of working inspires another to experiment with it. If you join a watercolour class the way Vicki Alchin does things can inspire you to try different ways. That is pushing your art forward. If you do the painting class with Geraldine and try out new ways and techniques in acrylics they can inspire you to do your own version in a different direction.

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Artwork title Im Majestic by Allison Bell

Exhibitions of the ASA are always inclusive of a great variety of art styles and mediums. I am fascinated by the sheer volume of different art styles and trends that we have at present. If you want to see if you can spot a trend have a look at the Exhibitions by the ASA members. We have the 33 years exhibition at the Greendale Centre, the Pop Up Shop selling merchandise and art works at Armadale Shopping City and the Annual Art Awards exhibition coming up in November. If you are not able to get to these events don’t forget about the amazing display and work for sale on the ASA website.

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