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LOWSY. his ‘nom de plume' Alan Gee

Location: Perth


Telephone: 0400552478


Artist bio

Name  -  Alan Gee

Paints as  - “Lowsy”

Alan was born in Salford, Lancashire in the North of England in 1948.

He emigrated to Australia in 1971 and has lived in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife Kay ever since.

Alan started painting at school and has continued, on and off, for the last fifty years or so. Many times, his art went into hiatus as the more pressing issues of life overtook it. Work, raising the kids etc, but art in some form has always been an important part of his makeup.

There have been three major influences which have effected Alans work

His early upbringing in an English industrial northern town meant his art, both painting and drawing, was heavily influenced by the Northern School Movement and such artists as  L.S. Lowry, Harold Riley (Alan and Harold grew up in the same street in Salford), Tom Brown and other similar artists.

Banksy, and other street artists, have also contributed towards Alan’s artistic style, and although he has not actually resorted to ‘plein air’ street art, as in on the side of buildings, he does incorporate a lot of stencil art into his paintings.

The names of the two major influences of Lowry and Banksy were combined to give Alan his ‘nom de plume’ of LOWSY.

It has been said that Alan’s ambition is that an eminent art critic will one day view one of his paintings and comment “That is a Lowsy painting”

Alan’s third influence has been the 1960’s New York Action Abstract movement and he paints abstract using similar styles to Krasner, Pollock, Haring and others.  He believes that abstract art should have both a soul and meaning and not just be a random splash of colours on a canvas.

Although as with all abstract art it is the eye of the beholder dictates the message.   

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