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Jenny Herbert

Location: Mt Richon


Purchasing from this artist

Jenny will accept Cash, Cheque, on line transfer.

Artist bio

I grew up in Africa absorbing the folklore of each country as the turbulent African politics  shifted our family from place to place. I had great respect for the scary Xhosa Tokolosh who lurked in dark places.  The local Africans in our remote area of the Eastern Cape placed bricks under their bed legs to protect them from him. These early influences have stayed with me into old age. Now I always look for the ying and yang, the light and dark in painting subjects. And still have nightmares!   

We moved to Perth in 1989 and were lucky enough to experience life in Asia and Austria through Herb's work. So peaceful here! In Korera I attended Chinese brush painting classes with Mr Park. He taught us foreigners how ro load a brush with ink we had ground ourselves, and to paint the seasons fish, fowl and flowers from traditional Chinese water coloour tubes. This paint was more like guash then water colour.

In Austria I attended a weekly TAFE type water colour class.My German was not too good, and I struggled to understand!  Europe was an eye opener, as was Korea! Maybe a little of the cultures met here have also contributed to my art.

We moved to Mt Richon in 2015 on Herb's retirement and discovered the wonderful Armadale society of artists and the beauty of the hills, valleys and orchards round here. Inspirational scenery and like minded artists here have agiven me the opportunity to experiment with pastels, oils and plein air painting. 

I have won a few regional art prizes and sold a few paintings, thanks to the exhibitions and pop up shops associated with the society and Morley YMCA art exhibitions whilst learning painting techniques under the tutelage of d'hange Yamminnee

Pastels and oils have been my main medium over the last few years, replacing water colours which i did for a long time.  My subject matter is catholic. I try to catch the glint of light, the dark (Tokolosh inspired) shadows or feeling of a subject.    



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