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Cilla Jackson - Mauchel

I was born in 1947 & grew up in London UK.
My mother encouraged me in my interest of art as painting was her hobby.

The only paints we had at school were poster paints but on a days outing to the Ideal Home Exhibition, my uncle bought me a box of painting by numbers with oil paints. I loved the feel & look of the oils but once I had used them up, that was that.

At age 15 I was offered a place at Hornsey Art College which in the early 60's was a very exciting place as it was full of Beatniks whose sole aim was to turn the world into one whole art gallery that promoted Love & Peace. The College was full of energy & uplifting. Sadly I could not be apart of it due to family circumstances.

I got married at an early age & had 3 children. We came to Perth in 1970. Over the years I have been involved in many craft hobbies but moved on to the next once I have found out "How To". Painting was what I was always drawn back to, be it watercolours, oils & now acrylics.

I have been fortunate to sell my paintings & also do some commissions. I have recently taken to painting again after several years break & feel refreshed & raring to go.

Location: Baldivis

Email: [email protected]

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott