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Terry Holton

Location: Mt Nasura


Telephone: 0418943920


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                                                                                  Terry Holton     Architect & Artist

In his youth, Terry Holton had a natural ability for drawing and sketching, completing his first oil painting at 11 years old. At an age of 13, he won a youth art award, sponsored by a British newspaper, for an oil landscape painting entitled 'bluebell wood'. Although, having no formal training, he experimented with a range of landscapes and abstract art until he commenced his architecture course, where he studied the history of art and design, and techniques of building design illustrations, which included perspective.

Much of his early art, prior to computer 3D visualisation, involved illustrating his architectural building designs in numerous techniques of watercolours, pen and ink, graphite and acrylics. In recent years, he has been working with computer 3D techniques using special imaging programmes to enhance the finished product. In the late 1980s, Terry commenced a range of Australian landscapes, many of which were drawn from his work in Kakadu National Park, using watercolours and acrylics. 

More recently he has revisited his artistic skills, using a combination of his knowledge of architectural and town-planning skills.  Drawing upon his extensive travel experience, he has concentrated on illustrating exciting and unusual built landscapes of some of the special towns and villages he has visited over recent years. 

Commencing in mid-2020 he has utilised his travel experience in Europe to illustrate five unique fishing villages in the South West of England and five beautiful villages in the River Dordogne Region of central France. He is now finalising a series of artworks drawn from the highlights of his Italian visit a few years ago, concentrating on the colourful and dramatic Cinque Terre coastal villages of northwest Italy. 

All these works have special heritage features and involve a sensitive understanding of architectural and planning of building groups and how they integrate into the natural landscapes of their environment and is of special interest to Terry Holton. 

Terry now works mostly with acrylics and is currently a member of the Armadale Society of Artists.

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