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Rosie Whitehead

Location: Armadale


Telephone: 0421 116 941

Artist bio

 I’ve always had an artistic bent in my life, that was perhaps not always apparent, encouraged early with the traditional home maker elements of knitting, crochet, embroidery and sewing.  I later found myself exploring the artistic elements that evolved out of those early days.

Studied at TAFE for my qualifications in Garment Construction, to formalize my knowledge, after which I worked in Fashion and Bridal.

Still working with those traditional elements, I found myself dabbling in all sorts of associated elements of dye & fabric manipulation, beginning with Bellydance Costumes and later I developed an association with Trudi Pollard and WAFTA (Western Australia Fibre & Textiles Association).

During this time, I gained further knowledge, working with Trudi as a studio hand and is where I learned about fabric dyes.  It was through Trudi that I was introduced to WAFTA and participated in two Exhibitions: 2009 ‘Naturally’; 2011 ‘InTension’; and two other exhibitions: 2010 ‘Minawarra Artisans’; and ‘Goomalling Inaugural Art Exhibition’.

It wasn’t until much later that I had decided to take up watercolour classes, that I’ve developed some techniques artistically and now find myself following a new artistic course of development.

I find the work most meditative and can get quite lost in the process.  Inspiration comes from various sources but I find that I’m influenced most by what nature has to offer.  In textiles, I am drawn to the techniques of old and that which is done by hand – there’s something unique about the time taken to produce an end result like no other.

My direction forward is one that I won’t find myself closing any doors from the past, as this has been part of my artistic development to date.  But in moving forward, I am wanting to explore different mediums and not restrict myself to any one form of artistic pursuit.

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