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Josephine Titshall

Location: Kelmscott


Artist bio

I was born in Kent, England.  My family migrated to Australia in 1965.  My mother was a professionally trained artist and to her, pursuance of such a career for her children would be irresponsible, so I had the joys of a career behind a typewriter.  She would occasionally teach me some art techniques and very importantly would bring my awareness to the natural beauty in our environment.  I loved to draw and colour in, when I wasn’t reading.  Mum used to bring me paper doilies whenever she went to a café and I would meticulously colour them in with colour pencils. In my younger teenage years I enjoyed drawing horses and cartooning.

Then, after a number of years of secretarial and admin work, netball and soccer, I married and created three children, and we lived in Byford for over 10 years.  Then divorced, moved back to Armadale, resumed my studies and returned to work whilst raising my children.

Some 12 years ago I was kyboshed by illness and was no longer able to work.  After realising the fatigue of the illness wasn’t going away anytime soon, I took to drawing, in bed, and then utilising library books and on-line shopping for paint supplies; extending to pastel, then oil, acrylic and watercolour.  I have always loved to learn and took to painting synergistically.   Painting is very important to me.  I find it meditative, gives me a sense of accomplishment and lifts my spirits as my health returns. I have sold some paintings and admit that I am over the moon when I sell a piece. 

I know it’s ideal to become a master of a particular medium and style but I get so much pleasure from all the mediums, I doubt I will ever stick to one. 

I am grateful to the Armadale Society of Artists for existing and providing a creative outlet with art classes in various mediums and opportunities to exhibit work.  Also to the Libraries for all their wonderful books and all the free classes offered by the many generous artists on You Tube.   At present I am attending watercolour classes with the wonderful Catherine Kelley whose techniques of the use of colour and water I aspire to emulate, and maybe I will, one day, but right now I’ve got an acrylic painting I just have to finish!

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