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Why do I need Social Media marketing as an Artist?

Well to state the obvious, it is here to stay and how people are buying art. If you have not lived under a rock this year you will know that the world is definitely heading towards that direction in avalanche style. Social media can also inspire you and allow you to be part of a community of artists from all over the world.  

You haven't been living under a rock this year have you?

By way of its very name it suggests that Social Media is another platform for you to engage in the art world socially and develop an artistic identity and personality. The idea is to let people know who you are as an artist and what you can do and of course it may lead to work as an artist.

So what do I do?

If you are a member of the Armadale Society of Artists you are already in part doing it. You just need to up the level of participation. Set up your own Artist’s Business page on your Facebook account, link and share arty things between the ASA and your own art page. Attach an Instagram page to your artist’s page. These small steps are just a start.

“Need more ideas on what to post? Check out the Artwork Archive blog for help with FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.” From a Fresh Social Media Strategy for Artists in 2017.

ASA Facebook page
Art for sale online gallery

I have found a lot of information that is useful on the Artwork Archive blog. There are hundreds more informative blogs and websites available, many provide free education into the world of marketing. In the ASA Felicia Lowe and our own president have lots of marketing experience (Felicia may be running a Social Media Marketing class later on, keep your eye on the ASA classes on offer!). Start by doing your own research. Included at the end are some links that might help you.

The most important thing, and why I am saying this last, is to

create a direction for your art promotion, decide who you are as an artist when promoting and what you will offer!

Here are a few of our ASA artists who have set themselves up with an Artist’s Business page:

Geraldine Gustavino Art
Geraldine Gustavino

Mo's Latest Creations
Mos Latest Creations

All things Art-Anna Newbey
Anna Newbey

Chantalle Grummet
Chantalle Grummet

My Paint Affair by Debbie Wood
My Paint Affair by Debbie Wood

Useful links

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