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A portrait weekend





WHEN:     Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th April

COST:       $120 will cover both days and reference material

PAYMENT:  For payment details please contact Jude at:

A weekend workshop - portraits - ever wanted to paint portraits?? - paint them already but want to do more???

This may be THE weekend for you.

Jude will guide you through the steps of how to create that special portrait!!

The workshop will cover how to achieve a likeness, seeing what is really there, drawing the head and the placement of the eyes, nose mouth, differing angles of the head, tonal values, colour, and perspective. Jude will do demonstrations and talks during both days.

Critiques at the end of both days will consolidate what was achieved!!

Jude will demonstrate in watercolour, but if you prefer another medium, feel free to use your preference.


  • Paint: Cobalt or Cereleun ,  French Ultra Marine , Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose, Indian Yellow or Yellow Ochre, plus any colours that are your favourites
  • Towel to protect working surface
  • Roll kitchen paper
  • An Easel, table top or free standing
  • Backing board to tape your paper onto
  • Masking Tape
  • Watercolour Paper, good quality 300gm paper, hot pressed or medium pressed is fine
  • Large water container
  • Hair dryer to speed things up
  • Gum Arabic if you have some, great for lifting off watercolour
  • Nibbles for am and pm and of course some lunch!!

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to email Jude at:

If you would like to view samples of Jude's work visit her website at:

We are grateful to our generous sponsors