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Our aim is to promote art and encourage the love of art in our community.

THE ART HOUSE AND GALLERY situated at 63 Railway Ave., Kelmscott, is open to the public on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 10am to 3pm. When you can browse the art work by our members and see artists at work.

This is our banner created by a group of 8 members who got together for a few days painting (and talking!) they wanted to produce  something that showed how we all feel about the area in which we live and work, something that would represent our wish to promote and encourage art in the community. It is painted in Acrylic on canvas, and you can see it at all of our exhibitions.

We invite you to explore this exciting site

All the works displayed are for sale unless indicated as sold.  Just contact us for more information and we can put you in touch with the artist.

Some of our artists and visitors enjoying our annual exhibition.

We are grateful to our generous sponsors

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott