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The Society Blog

  • Inspiration, Confidence and Style

    Art is a hard thing to start, make and exhibit. You need inspiration for your ideas and the confidence to carry them out. Then finding a way to show your art to others is another tricky thing, not … more

  • Happiness and Art

    The science behind it: 

    “Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. It also releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins which help you … more

  • Entering Art Competitions Is Worth It

    Entering Art Competitions Is Worth It

    Chantalle Grummet

    If you are an artist, wanting to be an artist or creative and wanting to exhibit then entering art competitions is a great way to boost your … more

  • Junior Membership and the Youth Art Club

    Armadale Society of Artists:  Junior Membership and the Youth Art Club

    Chantalle Grummet February 2023

    Creating a junior membership for the ASA connects us to our future as an art society, allows … more

  • Celebrating Art, Artists and the Minnawarra Art Awards

    Celebrating Art, Artists and the Minnawarra Art Awards

    Chantalle Grummet


    It is nearly that time of year again where the City of Armadale celebrates art and invites artists to participate in the … more

  • The ASA Christmas Party 2022

    The Party In Pictures

    After a fair amount of time showing off the Arena space and chatting to members the official party procedures began. First there were speeches by Mary and Ray. This was mostly … more

  • ASA July Art Exhibition

    I can't believe that Monday 18th July is next week already! Even though we don't have a home yet our Armadale Society of Artists continues to create and connect with each other and the community. … more

  • Artists and Insurance

    If, like me, you are entering into the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail this September you might be wondering about the quagmire of legalities around insurance in connection with your art. … more

  • Ron Nysztor and the Minnawarra Art Awards

    Curated by Ron Nyisztor the Minnawarra Art Awards offer a sense of prestige to the local art community.  It is good to see that so many local artists applied to enter the Awards this year! Ron … more

  • Trudi Pollard

    Trudi Pollard is an amazing textile artist and teacher who lives right here in the hills of Bedfordale. Her passion is for fibre arts, ceramics, and the natural dyes from the beautiful bushland … more

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