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Stephanie Bonham-Smith

Email: bonhamsmithart@gmail. …

Telephone: 0438 807 869

Purchasing from this artist

Hello, you can pay for your purchase through my PayPal account, direct transfer, or cash. 

Once you have decided to buy, I will try to deliver if you are in the Perth and surrounding areas which will save you a delivery fee. If I am not able to deliver, I will calculate freight charges depending on your locality. 

When we are agreed I will send you an invoice and delivery will be after receiving payment.

You can also arrange for your own pick up from either Byford or West Perth, ID will be required on pick up.

I only accept orders from Australia, sorry no international sales. 

Artist bio

Stephanie was born and raised in Perth. She was lucky to have inherited some of her parents’ natural artistic abilities.

As a child Stephanie spent much of her time sketching animals and anything to do with nature. Australian trees were of particular interest including the paper bark growing in the middle of her school quadrangle. She was offered an art scholarship in her first year of high school however an art career was not to be sought at that time.

About 2015 she decided to get back in touch with her love of art and classes seemed to be the best way to reignite the inner artist. She had always wanted to try painting with oils so she signed up to do a couple of classes with Ken Harris, an oil paint artist and art teacher from Queensland. He has been painting for a very long time and it showed. Stephanie hoped that she would become half as good an artist as Ken but knew it was going to take a lot of time and practice.

She joined the Armadale Society of Artists who have inspired and encouraged her to keep picking up a brush or pencil. The artists in the ASOA are all amazing and produce some beautiful quality artworks to inspire anyone. Stephanie realized that there was so much more to try other than the oil paints and the ASOA held classes of all types.

She still loves the oil paints as her preferred medium but now has a love of all mediums and the possibilities they present.

Every artwork is an adventure and a learning experience!

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