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Rosemary Singleton Brown

Location: Kelmscott

Artist bio

Rosemary is a founder member of the Armadale Society of Artists and was at the first meeting of the Society in 1987.

She has been painting on and off with a break to raise her children for over 40 years.

She won a two year scholarship to the Nottingham Art School when she was 13, but her parents couldn't afford for her her to go to Art College so she had to start work in an office.

In the 1980's Rosemary studied for 4 years at Forrestfield Tech. for her Diploma of Art. One of the teachers was W.A. artist Cedric Baxter.

Rosemary has sold paintings in England, The U.S.A. Japan and Australia. and won awards.

She says.

I love all mediums but my first love is pastels and I never get tired of them and I am always looking for new ways and techniques to use.

My hero is De Gas and I was fortunate to see original paintings of his in both England and Australia.

I love drawing and painting people especially their backs which are very expressive. I did a series of paintings of bowlers which are depicted from their back view.

I have been very lucky because I have sold most of my paintings over the years and always get very touched that people like my work enough to buy it.

The Society is a very inspirational place to meet other artists and people who love art. And if you can hold a pencil and put a line on a piece of paper then you can draw, it is in us all and just needs to be nurtured.

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