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Original A5 hand painted cards

Original A5 hand painted cards

$10 Buy or enquire

Note: The Society does not process payments for our artists.

Please contact John Hartnett on [email protected]

Alternatively you may phone this artist on 0419040587

This artist has provided the following additional information:

PayPal: pay [email protected]

Paper framed. The prices are $10 each card.

This is a series of cards. Each has a paper frame and is pasted on the font of a blank A5 greeting card.  They are in landscape orientation and the card allows them to stand. When buying please specify which design.

Dimensions: 150 mm x 100 mm each

Subject: Australiana , Landscape

Medium: Acrylic

Enquiries: [email protected]

Artist: John Hartnett

Permalink: Original A5 hand painted cards

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