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David Archer

Location: Canning Vale

Email: dave_archer@ …

Artist bio

Born in South Africa in 1962, I moved to Perth with my family in 2001. I am totally self-taught and have worked in various mediums including water colour, pastels and acrylic.  I also do kinetic art which is quite mechanical involving wood work, metal work and carving, embracing movement and mechanical form.

I have only recently exposed my art to the public after joining with the Armadale Society of Artists in 2018.  Since then, I find my day job as a technical manager, really gets in the way of my artistic pursuits.

I have most enjoyed working with pastels, which I have found to be quite rewarding and vibrant suiting my style of highly detailed landscapes and urban scenes.

I am excited to be working in acrylics now on large canvasses and exploring new artistic challenges. 

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