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Dao Muscat

Location: Mount Nasura

Artist bio


My name is Dao Muscat and I am from Vietnam.  In 1981, I arrived in Australia with Refugee Status - I am one of the boat people.

In my life, I have always had a passion to do an ‘Oil Painting’ and wish one day that I will be able to paint one picture in oil.  In November 1999, I went to France for a holiday and my sister-in-law showed me how to do an acrylic painting with “The Flowers in The Vase” picture, and I completed it!

When I returned to Australia, I started do some paintings, but I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t know the technique as a beginner for oil paintings, etc., etc,. Then I went out and looked for an art teacher which resulted in me having a total of nine lessons all together………and I became an artist when I was forty eight years old.  For me it was a miracle for my life long wish to come true, but I still have a lot to learn and create new things.

In 2000, I became a member of the Armadale Society of Artists and my first Exhibition at the City of Belmont, I sold one of my painting’s in oil “Iris Flowers” and afterwards I sold another one to my friend.  It make me feel like I have achieved something in my life and I am very proud of it.  At the moment, I have very little time to enjoy my hobby and I consider myself more as an Art Lover than an Artist but I always wish that the feeling of art painting will be in my heart for ever ……….and …….ever.

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