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Perth Metropolitan lockdown ceased on Friday 5 February, and ASA Pop-Up-Shop reopened normal trading hours, (in accordance with the WA Health Guidelines.) ASA Classes and Informal Groups sessions at Greendale Centre commence from Monday 15 February 2021, (in accordance with the WA Health Guidelines)

Brian Winters

Location: Gosnells

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 93987457

Artist bio

Born and bred in Barry, Wales in 1940. I don't remember much about the War, except that we were poor; that chickens did not have fur; that being an only child I had to find friends to play with, and this probably made me gregarious to a fault.

Art through my school years was a joy. For five years we had a very good teacher, all realism and perspective, (he said if God wanted us to look like a blob with three eyes and an ear on the top of our head, he would have made us like that). After my school years, I entered an engineering apprenticeship, and attended technical college to learn technical drawing and illustration. In my early twenties I became a Printers Engineer, this entailed installing and demonstrating large 4 to 6 colour printing machines, thus I acquired a good knowledge of CYMK and the mixture of colour. This was my life until my sixtieth birthday. Retirement was hard, so my second business was designing and building outdoor patios.

The last five or six years have been my rediscovery of art, first in C P (coloured pencil), then trying other mediums, but now mainly acrylics and mixed media which I enjoy with a passion.

I have been a member of this association for five years, and have learned so much by attending classes and demonstrations, and luckily have sold many works at our exhibitions. Also commissions have been a very welcome earner to pay for art supplies.

My art gives me a good reason to get up in the mornings, hopefully for many more years …

Greendale Centre

12 Coombes Ave, Armadale WA 6112
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