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Parimal Mahamuni

Migrating to Australia from India in 2008, I got reconnected to drawing and painting, getting inspired by the beautiful and serine nature this country offers. I always had a passion for art and particularly painting since school days, but with time and other commitments taking priority my hobby was getting neglected and eventually lost touch. Until one day during my post-graduation, when my wife got me some water colours and a canvas to ease my study pressure. The first painting after a decade or so gave me the joy and confidence which also helped my academics. Since then I decided to take some time off to cherish my hobby.

The journey has been very interesting to learn new techniques and getting to know some local artists. I started with water colours, and then moved to acrylics and oils and feel more comfortable working with. I have now started using mixed mediums and doing textured work which is quite exciting and will soon be sharing some of my textured artwork. In the meantime hope you enjoy my painting journey.

Location: Haynes

Email: [email protected]

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott