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Karen Noyce


Karen is a self-taught artist with no formal training or qualifications, through her love of art she has spent many years dabbling with different techniques and mediums and has finally found her own way of expressing colour and form using her preferred medium of Acrylic paint.

In the year 2014 Karen faced many personal losses, the stress of which greatly affected her health. Housebound and unable to work due to Chronic Fatigue caused by Epstein Barr Virus Karen turned to the healing powers of art.  During her healing journey, a spiritual awakening unfolded, which is now reflected in her most recent work.

Karen recently entered the Armadale annual exhibition and received an art award for the piece entitled ‘ELEVEN ELEVEN’.  Karen's wish is to keep creating and hopes that others will identify and connect to her work through their own spiritual experiences.

Location: Maida Vale

Email: [email protected]

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott