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Gwen Edwards

I began my art journey in 2013. I discovered I could shade with charcoal and very soon tried out pastels. I then discovered acrylics and a little later, watercolours. My favourite at the moment is acrylic however I use all of the above. I have recently added graphite  to the list as I’ve taken some drawing lessons. I have no formal training but have attended various workshops.

In December 2013 I became a member Of Armadale Society of Artists. This has been a great help to me and has helped me gain confidence in my art. It is a privilege to be a part of this group of inspiring people.

I love to paint, when time permits and it coincides with being in the mood! Many of my painting have sold and it always makes me happy when my paintings bring someone else enjoyment.


Contact details: 

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 1467 161 403

Location: Oakford

Email: [email protected]

The Art House

8 Hobbs Drive
Armadale 6112

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott