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Andrea Gadd

I have been painting seriously for 3 years and mostly work with acrylic, painting realistic landscapes using brushes or palette knives. I lived in the Pilbara for 15 years and took inspiration from the unique colours and shapes of the rocks, hills and scenery throughout the area.

I worked from photographs as it was too hot to sit outside long enough to complete any artwork, although I have sometimes done a quick sketch or watercolour. I held my first exhibition in Cossack Historical Town Site in September, 2017.

I have recently moved to Roleystone and am working on capturing local scenery which has its own unique colours. I am often inspired by the colour more than composition of a scene and work to capture it in a variety of styles.

Water has always inspired my paintings, along with reflections and colour. My recent explorations have resulted in a variety of genres, not just landscape and I am excited by the subsequent artworks.

Last year I sold a number of paintings through the Armadale Society of Artists gallery shop and received some commissions. My entry in the Cossack Art Awards also found a new home, in 2018 so the exploration of my art into new areas and styles is definitely working for me.

Location: Roleystoe

Email: [email protected]

PATRON - Peter Risk

NEAMI - Armadale - Organisation member

Ones 4 Tech, Kelmscott